About MNservice


My name is Michael Noll and I’ve been successfully working in IT for almost two decades now. Since then, I have been involved in the management of a wide range of projects, ranging from industry to retail, public authorities and medical computer science. Among other things, I acquired during this time the professional degree of IT specialist and participated in numerous training courses. I see myself as an important interface that mediates between people and technology.

Ensuring the smooth functioning of your digital tool, the optimization of work processes and the professional and legally compliant preparation of your website are my special fields. In a steadily globalizing world, it often becomes a challenge, especially for medium-sized companies, to fulfill the increasingly complex requirements while still keeping an overview. A competent partner who offers timely and economical solutions at a fair price will let you sleep better.

IT does not always have to be extravagant and expensive, because its task should be to save you money in the medium term. The purpose of an informative, search engine optimized and fast website is to find you, increase your brand awareness and thus expand your clientele. Even small changes can generate immense added value if you turn on the right screw. This includes, for example, the provision of high-quality content.

Modern IT is not only of economic value, but also ecological. That’s why the topic of Green IT is always of central concern to MNservice. The planning of projects always takes place on the basis of a transparent, cost-efficient and timely implementation.